Up the ladder and across the country

8.21.18.ElizabethR.LIElizabeth R. guides her career with eight words: “I interview for my next job every day.”

With that philosophy in mind, Elizabeth navigated her path at Enterprise from her start as an Area Accountant in Indiana to her current position on the Corporate Campus in St. Louis as Director of Business Administration for Global Franchising. The key to her progress was taking on new opportunities whenever and wherever they presented themselves.

“Being open to relocation helped expand the number of opportunities available to me,” Elizabeth explains. “Even though I was a little anxious about moving, I tried to look at how moving could set me up for future success and career advancement – it really put things into perspective.”

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Spotlight on Service: Management Trainee Audriana G.

spotlight-on-service-audriana-gabaldon-2We recently spoke to Enterprise Management Trainee Audriana G., who works at Albuquerque’s Sunport airport in New Mexico regarding her outstanding customer service. Audriana turned an everyday encounter into a memorable experience for a frequent renter—impressing the customer to the point that she wrote a letter to Chief Executive Officer Pam Nicholson, commending Audriana’s efforts.

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