Things I wish I knew: Art Turner, GM/VP

Art Turner GM VP 2017.2“If only I knew then what I know now…”

Hindsight is 20/20. But one of the benefits of Enterprise’s promote-from-within culture is knowing company leaders all started from the same place as branch employees just beginning their careers. They’ve seen the same things, dealt with the same issues and faced the same fears.

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In their shoes

In their shoes.Colone.E628VD.2Many employees try to put themselves in a customer’s shoes in order to provide the best service possible.

Edwin C., a Management Trainee in New York – took this philosophy to a new level. In fact, the customer was so impressed that she wrote a letter of recognition commending Edwin’s superb service.

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100,000 Employees Milestone [Infographic]

From the very beginning, Enterprise Holdings has been a family. Founded by Jack Taylor in 1957, with just three employees, we’ve always operated under a simple philosophy – “Take care of your customers and your employees first, and growth and profits will follow.” 60 years later, we continue to do things Jack’s way. And like most families, we’ve gone through some changes. We’ve added to our portfolio of brands. We’re more deeply rooted in our communities. We’ve expanded to a global stage. And now we’re proud to announce we’ve reached 100,000 employees worldwide. Continue reading 100,000 Employees Milestone [Infographic]


Five Questions: Vice President of Sales for North America Mike H.

Five Questions with Mike HIn this ongoing series of “Five Questions” blogs, we ask five questions of various members of the Enterprise leadership team to get their perspective on the business.  In this edition, we sat down with Mike H., Vice President of Sales in North America.

What excites you about your role and the different areas of the business you oversee?

The people and accounts I interact with continue to excite me every day.

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Management Training Program: Enterprise through the eyes of Astrid P.

Ever wondered what the Enterprise Management Training program looks like from the inside? Astrid P. from South Florida documented the first five months of her career as a Management Trainee to share her experiences with friends, family and co-workers. Astrid’s collection of images document typical day-in-the-life experiences of an MT, such as: training sessions, working at the airport and fun team-building events. Astrid even celebrated a birthday with her Enterprise family! Browse the photo gallery below to see what it’s really like to be an Enterprise Management Trainee:


Four Questions: SVP of Fleet Management Brice A.

five-questions-with-brice-adamson-e32842We recently sat down with Brice A., SVP of Fleet Management to get his perspective on business, leadership and his career so far.

You became Senior Vice President of Fleet Management earlier this year. What are your biggest opportunities?

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Spotlight on Service: Management Trainee Audriana G.

spotlight-on-service-audriana-gabaldon-2We recently spoke to Enterprise Management Trainee Audriana G., who works at Albuquerque’s Sunport airport in New Mexico regarding her outstanding customer service. Audriana turned an everyday encounter into a memorable experience for a frequent renter—impressing the customer to the point that she wrote a letter to Chief Executive Officer Pam Nicholson, commending Audriana’s efforts.

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Enterprise Interns: hashtag experiment

8.24.16.intern projectSummer interns in the Southwest region were asked to participate in a project to show how they have grown during their time at Enterprise. Each intern was asked to think of two hashtags: one explaining why they came to Enterprise, and one about what they’ve learned so far. Then, they each provided a short explanation for their choices.

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