Intern Yearbook Challenge


Enterprise Interns: hashtag experiment

8.24.16.intern projectSummer interns in the Southwest region were asked to participate in a project to show how they have grown during their time at Enterprise. Each intern was asked to think of two hashtags: one explaining why they came to Enterprise, and one about what they’ve learned so far. Then, they each provided a short explanation for their choices.

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Enterprise Internship Program puts students on fast-track to career success

Intern.Program.Success.William.Stiles.Janna.Robinson.E449RW.E381PXLong before the Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee State upset Michigan State in the Big Dance this spring, recent MTSU grad William S. had his heart set on pursuing a career as an athletic director. Until he suited up as a Management Intern at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, that is.

“It was life-changing,” William says. “Once I got into the business at Enterprise, I knew this is where I wanted to be long term.” Since December, he’s been chalking up the early wins of his career as a full-time Management Trainee in the Tennessee Group.

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Skydiving for charity

skydivingforcharityIs raising money for charity by jumping out of a plane impressive or crazy?

A little of both if you ask Accountant Vala G., Accounting Supervisor Barrie K. and Intern Gwenan P. from Enterprise Southwest England, who all went skydiving to raise funds for the U.K. Pituitary Foundation.

Vala learned about the opportunity when staff from the Pituitary Foundation visited their office.

“I like trying new things and thought skydiving would be fun. I did have some doubts when I was hanging out of the plane, but by then it was too late,” says Vala who convinced Gwenan and Barrie to jump with her.

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