Savannah employee climbs world-rankings in shot put

savannah employee climbs world-rankings in shot putOne-point-four meters. About four and half feet. It’s all that separates Rick E. from his cherished goal: To proudly wear “USA” on his chest as a member of the national team at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

Rick is well on his way today—fresh off the national championship he won in June as a shot-putter in the F34 classification. His best throw: 8.1 meters. Good enough for the 50-year-old to top many much-younger competitors, but still a little shy of the 9.5 meter distance needed to climb into the top ten rankings worldwide—and earn his trip to Tokyo.

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Enterprising People: Sleigh Driver Stewart S.

santaEver wonder what Santa does during his time off? He works at Enterprise Holdings, of course.

With the holiday spirit in full swing, some might say Driver Stewart S. appears to be a little jollier than normal, and that’s par for the course. Stewart doubles as a mall Santa and has even published a book called Diary of a Mall Santa to share the experience from behind the velvet ropes. “I’d been writing all my life,” says Stewart. “After hearing the things I heard, I decided to keep a journal by my chair to jot down all of the interesting stories.”

The magic of a white, synthetic beard

It all started about six years ago. Stewart had recently retired as a copywriter at an advertising agency in Chicago when he got a call from an old friend asking if he knew anyone who could be Santa at a local shopping mall. With five grown children of his own, he jumped at the chance.

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