Enterprise Interns: hashtag experiment

8.24.16.intern projectSummer interns in the Southwest region were asked to participate in a project to show how they have grown during their time at Enterprise. Each intern was asked to think of two hashtags: one explaining why they came to Enterprise, and one about what they’ve learned so far. Then, they each provided a short explanation for their choices.

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Enterprising People: Climbing Everest

everestEver dream about being on top of the world? One Enterprise employee made this a reality when he decided to take on Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain with a peak of 29,029 feet (5.5 miles) above sea level.

Pedro G., Enterprise Holdings’ Group Operations Manager for Spain, spent 14 days trekking up the Himalayas in Nepal last month to fulfill his lifelong dream.

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Canada establishes national Diversity and Inclusion Team

diversityLast October, Team Canada held its first countrywide Diversity and Inclusion Team meeting with representatives from all operating groups in Canada.

“Driving diversity and inclusion within our business is of utmost importance,” says Assistant Vice President of Human Resources Chris T. “This national team will be instrumental in keeping diversity and inclusion front-of-mind in Canada.”

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