On the verge of a breakthrough

10.19.18.AlexU.LIEnterprise attracts employees from all walks of life. From student athletes to members of the military, employees are diverse, ambitious and talented. Alex U., an MT in Oregon, is no exception. Alex shares, in his own words, how he’s working to achieve success as both an author and Enterprise employee.

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Five Questions with Mike P., Corporate Vice President of Truck Rental

10.11.18.MikeP.Quote.ERAC.LITwenty-six years after joining Enterprise as a Management Trainee in Southern California and a successful run with Enterprise Fleet Management, Mike P. was promoted to Corporate Vice President of Truck Rental. We found out what has him most excited about this new opportunity, what advice he would give new managers and – just as importantly – what acclaimed TV drama ‘appeared’ in.

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What I wish I knew: Vice President Dave L.

8.14.18.DaveL.LIWith nearly three decades of experience under his belt, Dave L. knows what it takes to keep focus and succeed at Enterprise.

Beginning as a Management Trainee in New York in 1989, he worked his way up the ladder, eventually moving down south to take on roles as Regional Vice President and Vice President of the Atlanta Operating Group.

Currently Vice President/GM of the Jacksonville Operating Group, where he’s been the last four years, Dave shares the advice he would give himself as a Branch Manager.

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Helping heroes get home

7.5.18.RabiaDid you know the Enterprise brand operates on more than 50 military bases throughout the U.S.?

In celebration of Independence Day, Bryan S., Director of Federal Government Sales, shares unique insight into military base branch operations while Rabia A., Assistant Manager at the Fort Polk military base branch in Vernon Parish, Louisiana, and Hope B., Branch Rental Manager, reflect on their experience of helping heroes get home for the holiday, and throughout the year.

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Kids, cars and customer service

Nick Luccia_PhotoAnyone with kids can attest, traveling with little ones can be stressful.

Many parents have a plan of attack to wrestle their kids into car seats and make the ensuing drive a bit easier. There’s trusty Goldfish crackers, a lively Disney sing-along or a portable DVD player.

But what happens when your mom-mobile breaks down and ends up in the shop leaving you, and your five children, in the lobby of an Enterprise looking for a rental?

Leave it to Nick L., Branch Rental Manager in Tampa, to answer this question and calm a flustered parent while solving her transportation needs.

The customer thanked Nick by calling him her “guardian angel,” and she wrote a heartfelt letter of appreciation.

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Leaving a legacy (and a tie) in Brooklyn

2493 TiesAn Enterprise branch takes employee promotions to new heights.

One of the highest honors in sports happens when an athlete’s jersey number is retired. Their legacy is firmly enshrined as a part of the organization’s history, and their presence is remembered by all those who look up to the rafters.

For Javier L., former Branch Manager of the New York group’s flagship branch in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, that familiar ceremony served as a source of inspiration to recognize employees.

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Around the world with Enterprise

Anna Lees Picture_PulseOpportunity, mobility and Anna L. go well together.

Anna has parlayed her desire for success and willingness to relocate with a world of opportunities to build a successful career at Enterprise.

Today, she works in San Diego as Account Manager in Enterprise Fleet Management. It’s the latest stop in a journey that has carried her on an award-winning ride of domestic and international assignments, all in just eight years.

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On the fast track to success

On the fast track to successStarting out her career two years ago, Trisha C. envisioned Enterprise as a company where she could have a long, fulfilling career. After taking part in the Canadian Women in Leadership Forum, she gained a new perspective about the opportunities that lie ahead.

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Marathons for Mom

FullSizeRender (4)Some people run for fun. Some run to compete. Charlie L. runs for a cause.

Charlie, Branch Rental Manager in Orange Park, Florida, recently completed his third Boston Marathon and fifth overall. Most of his marathon appearances helped raise money to fight deadly diseases. All of them were motivated by his mother.

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Spotlight on Service: Branch Manager Peter W.

spotlight-on-service-peter-wolfeSpotlight on Service is a recurring feature in which employees share how they create positive customer interactions. In this segment, we spoke to Branch Manager Peter W. who manages an Enterprise branch in Boise, Idaho.

A customer wrote an email to Enterprise to express her appreciation for Peter, who went above and beyond the call of duty during a recent rental experience.

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