Growing together for 45 years 1973 construction of the Sears Tower in Chicago was completed, the Watergate hearings began, FedEx opened its doors, and Elvis Presley’s “Aloha from Hawaii” television special was seen around the world by more than one billion viewers.

Also that year, a loyal and dedicated sales agent – Julie T. – joined National Car Rental.

Four and half decades later, Julie is celebrating a career anniversary few can claim: 45 years.

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A Southern Snowpocalypse

Monique v2One employee receives accolades for her customer service after record snowfall hits Atlanta.

1968 was a record-setting year in Atlanta. That year the city reported seven snow days.

Keep in mind, snow days are counted when there’s at least 0.1 inch of frozen precipitation. With an average annual snowfall only reaching 1.9 inches, it’s safe to say the city doesn’t frequently experience extreme winter weather.

But this past December was an exception to the rule as record snowfall hit the Atlanta area – where some saw more than six inches of snow.

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Love and Lost Luggage

Alamo Proposal PicTravel can be stressful.

Lost luggage can send a person into panic-mode.

A pending marriage proposal can be downright unnerving.

Combine all three? That will get your heart pounding.

It’s a good thing the Alamo* team at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport knows how to handle stressful situations and stay calm, cool and collected while providing great customer service. And thanks to them, this story has a happy ending.

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Spotlight on Service: William M. “Candyman”

candymanPicking up customers is something that William M. does exceptionally well both literally and figuratively.

The Detroit airport shuttle bus driver is affectionately known as “Candyman,” not only because of his sweet charm but also because he generously hands out candy to all of his passengers – surprising them with a boost of “fun” at every interaction.

“I’ve been serving candy ever since I started with Enterprise ten years ago,” says Candyman. “I pride myself in making sure customers have a memorable shuttle ride. From the moment they board my bus, I greet them with complimentary candy and play popular music so they can hopefully leave in a better mood. Some customers even dance their way off the bus, which is a sure sign that they’ve had a good time.”

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Enterprising People: Airport Facilities Director Randy K.

randykIs it a good thing to be ranked No. 40? You better believe it is — especially if it means you’re the 40th fastest person in the world when graded among your peers at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship, which took place this summer in Austria.

Airport Facilities Director Randy K. has no need to wear a jet pack. He can swim 1.2 miles, cycle 56 miles and run 13.1 miles all together faster than most people could even imagine.

So what lit a fire under Randy, so to speak? It all happened during a vacation in Hawaii.

“My wife and I were on a sightseeing walk in Hawaii when this guy ran by us at a pretty good clip,” Randy recalls. “Soon enough, more racers followed and we soon found ourselves cheering on participants in the Lava Man triathlon. I was so impressed by how fast the lead guy ran by that I did some research and discovered he was Chris McCormack.”

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Spotlight on Service: Enterprise Branch Manager Cecilia C.

ceceliaA customer wrote an email to Enterprise to express his appreciation for our Huntsville, Alabama airport Branch Manager Cecilia C.’s efforts, who went above and beyond the call of duty during his recent visit to the branch. Learn more in our Q&A with Cecilia:

Q: How long have you worked for Enterprise?

A: I joined the Enterprise team in 2007 through Enterprise Holdings’ acquisition of National and Alamo. Altogether, I have worked for Enterprise and Alamo for the past 22 years.

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Five Questions with Vice President of Airport Operations, John M.

airportguyAirport business has grown substantially in revenue and market share since 2007. How have the airport teams achieved such growth?

I think there are many things that can be attributed to our growth that have kept us ahead of the competition. We have worked hard to make our brands stronger than ever through continued investments in locations, technology and marketing.

In addition, we continue to invest in our most important asset – our people – which helps us provide incredible service to our customers. Because of this level of customer service, our brands have taken the top three spots in the J.D. Power study three years in a row. And as we all know, customer service drives growth.

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Launch of MT program paves the way for growth, career success in France

franceSimply mention the Management Training program to Céline R., and she has trouble containing her enthusiasm. “Oh my gosh, it changed my life,” she says.

It’s not really an exaggeration, notes the Assistant Manager of the Enterprise Rent-A-Car branch at Gare de Lyon in Paris, France. When Céline first learned about the MT program at a college job fair a couple of years ago, she’d never even heard of Enterprise before.

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