One Word to Describe Enterprise: Leadership


My name is Danon H., I have been a Management Trainee with Enterprise Rent-A-Car in North Carolina for 4 months. While working at Enterprise, I have quickly become inspired and motivated by being part of a great team! So far, I have had the privilege to learn and observe from some of the best leaders in my group. These individuals have made a lasting impression on my career and have inspired me to learn become a great leader myself. So far my experience here at Enterprise has reflected our founding values and truly is “A fun and friendly place, where teamwork rules!”. I look forward leading my own team at Enterprise someday very soon!

One word. It’s that simple. GO.


Enterprise Spotlight on Success: 11,000 Promotions

Take it from Area Manager Gerardo Gomez, one of nearly 11,000 individuals who earned promotions or took on new challenges at Enterprise Holdings last year:

While the average U.S. worker moves into a different job every 4.4 years, Gerardo has worked for Enterprise Holdings since 1998. The reason: “I chose Enterprise because of the opportunities — almost like changing careers without changing companies,” Gerardo says. “I wanted a company that would allow me to showcase my talent and let me grow.”

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One Word to Describe Enterprise: Motivated

Hello!  My name is Tyson L. and I have been a Management Trainee with Enterprise in Wisconsin for 3 months.  If you are MOTIVATED, there is no better company to be working for than Enterprise.  Between the extensive training, the team based culture, and the many instant rewards/recognition that you receive for your hard work, this company supports your career growth just as much as they support growing their business by putting more customers on the road.  Since starting at Enterprise, I have had no need for my alarm clock as I wake up excited for another day of work. Each day, I am excited to be working for a dynamic company that trains you on how to run your own business, where customer service is a way of life and I am motivated to take my career at Enterprise as far as I can GO!


Enterprising People: Percy Price


Percy Price was born July 4, 1983. Given that patriotic date, many who know him say he was born to serve his country.

Percy joined Enterprise in August 2007 and currently serves as an Account Representative in Stone Mountain, Georgia, just east of Atlanta. At the same time, he has served in the United States Air Force for nearly 13 years, currently as a technical sergeant in the Cyber Transport division. Percy’s unit repairs and sustains voice, video, data and cryptographic network equipment.  He was deployed to Southwest Asia in November 2013 and air defense of the Arabian Gulf is his unit’s main priority.

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Enterprise shoutout from Vice President Joe Biden


Todd Heavner, Director of Community Relations in Washington, D.C., makes a point of hand-delivering every check he receives from the Enterprise Holdings Foundation for charitable organizations on behalf of his operating group. “When I deliver these checks, something good always seems to happen,” he says.

It was certainly the case on a recent Monday morning.

Todd had a check to hand off to a representative of HEROES Inc., an organization that aids families of local police officers and firefighters who have died in the line of duty. His contact, a Secret Service agent, asked Todd to meet him at the Naval Observatory, whose grounds include the home of the vice president of the United States. The agent let Todd know he might have a chance to snap a picture of Vice President Joe Biden walking to the helicopter pad on the property to depart for a trip.

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Enterprise Heritage: The Eagle Has Landed

In 1881, a wooden eagle carved by Washington, D.C.-area artist William E. Seward was attached to the USS Enterprise — the fifth U.S. vessel to carry the Enterprise name. One-hundred and thirty-three years later, the eagle has found a new home at the company with the same moniker.

The wooden eagle — with a 77-inch wingspan — now hangs atop the balcony overlooking the main lobby of Enterprise Holdings’ world headquarters.

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Enterprise Career Path: Paul Smith Charts a Course for Success

If there’s one thing Paul Smith finds appealing, it’s opportunity. Even so, he had a hard time believing everything he heard about the career paths that Enterprise offered when he first encountered the company at a university job fair in 1995.

“I actually turned Enterprise down when they offered me a position the first time,” recalls Paul, who in 2012 became Vice President and General Manager of the South England Group — the first English employee to reach the general manager level at Enterprise. “It was a very new company here, and I’d never heard of them. So I took a job with another business instead.”

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One word to describe Enterprise: Teamwork

Hello! At Enterprise, we have eight Founding Values that we follow. My favorite value is “Our company is a fun and friendly place, where teamwork rules.”.  The best part of my job is, knowing that the company is one big team that works together under the same values. I chose the word ‘teamwork’ to describe my experience at Enterprise, because I feel that without my team here, coming to work would be a completely different experience.

– Management Trainee Bridget S., Fredericksburg, Virginia


Enterprise Spotlight on Service: Assistant Manager Nikki Wilcox

Assistant Manager Nikki Wilcox of the Enterprise branch at the Boise Airport in Idaho provided such exceptional customer service that she inspired a military customer — Sgt. 1st Class K. Wyman — to present her with a Peace Vanguard coin, an award his division of the military bestows upon individuals who go above and beyond. Only 25 to 30 civilians receive the award each year.

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Enterprising People: Taking back Boston

On April 21, nearly 36,000 runners took off from Hopkinton, Massachusetts, for the 118th Boston Marathon. Enterprise Fleet Management Director Chris L. was among them, for his 13th time taking part in the race.

Race officials recognize Chris as an official finisher in last year’s race even though — like so many competitors that day — he did not get to cross the finish line.

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