Spotlight on adoption assistance: bringing hope home

adoptionassistanceNo matter how hectic a day at work, Senior Account Fleet Coordinator Jennifer P. never tires of hearing the word ‘mom.’ After a seven-year struggle with infertility, that term of endearment is one she thought she might never hear.

But thanks in part to Enterprise Holdings’ adoption benefit, she is now a mom times two and has a house filled with laughter to prove it.

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Enterprising People on the GO: Senior Vice President of European Operations Mike N.

What are your thoughts on our growth in Europe over the past few years?

Achieving growth starts with a great deal of hard work and a plan, especially in countries where we are starting from scratch and the Enterprise brand is unknown. At this point, each market or country is at a different level of maturity and evolution. In the U.K. for instance, we just celebrated 20 years, while in Spain and France we have owned the businesses for four years.

Many of our franchise countries joined the fold in 2015. Each one will have a different strategy for growth.

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Enterprise Career Path: General Manager Bridget L.

Q: Hi Bridget! How did you learn about a career with Enterprise?

A: I was an employee referral. I had just returned home after spending a year teaching in Belize when my brother-in-law said I should apply for the Management Training (MT) program. I had planned to go to law school but ultimately decided managing my own career felt like a better fit.

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Mentoring program builds future leaders

Derrick M. was a bright young accounting professional looking to start his career with a successful company that offered opportunities for career growth. He had just graduated from the University of Tennessee when he decided to join Enterprise’s East Tennessee Region office in Knoxville in 2012. A year later, his promising career hit a bump in the road.

“I found out that the path to success isn’t always easy, especially early in your career as you learn a new business and adapt to the culture of the company,” Derrick says. “I was struggling with what my next steps would be at Enterprise.”

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Skydiving for charity

skydivingforcharityIs raising money for charity by jumping out of a plane impressive or crazy?

A little of both if you ask Accountant Vala G., Accounting Supervisor Barrie K. and Intern Gwenan P. from Enterprise Southwest England, who all went skydiving to raise funds for the U.K. Pituitary Foundation.

Vala learned about the opportunity when staff from the Pituitary Foundation visited their office.

“I like trying new things and thought skydiving would be fun. I did have some doubts when I was hanging out of the plane, but by then it was too late,” says Vala who convinced Gwenan and Barrie to jump with her.

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For the love of the game

loveofgameWhile many children grow up playing sports in school or with community teams, not many go on to play competitive sports as adults.

Enterprise Management Trainee Olivia D. is an exception.

The New Brunswick, Canada MT was selected to represent Team Canada this summer at the 2015 International Women’s Rugby Super Series, where they took on New Zealand, the United States and England. Team Canada put up a good fight, but New Zealand ultimately took home the world championship trophy.

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Enterprising People: CarShare Market Manager Dorothy R.

carshareField of Dreams is more than just a classic movie about the love of baseball — it’s about making dreams reality, and that inspiration has made its way to Southern New Jersey.

For the past three years, Enterprise employees in the Philadelphia Group have helped the South Jersey Field of Dreams organization write its own script, and the major plotline involves helping individuals with physical and mental disabilities play baseball.

At the field where everyone’s a winner, players of all abilities enjoy one of America’s favorite pastimes on a handicap-accessible baseball diamond. With an infield and dugouts that are wheelchair and walker-friendly, the experience is a big hit for players, volunteers and fans alike.

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