Four Questions: SVP of Fleet Management Brice A.

five-questions-with-brice-adamson-e32842We recently sat down with Brice A., SVP of Fleet Management to get his perspective on business, leadership and his career so far.

You became Senior Vice President of Fleet Management earlier this year. What are your biggest opportunities?

When I took this position in the spring, Pam Nicholson challenged us to be the industry leader in all that we do. We have had some impressive growth over the years, and our customer service on the whole is better than our competitors. But we know that we can do better.

How do you hope to achieve stronger service?

Be available. Be responsive. Be appreciative. If we just do these simple things, we will retain more of our customers, we will bring them more value, and when needed, they will order more vehicles from us.

You’ve been with the company for 28 years. How would you sum up your career to date?

No matter the position, I continue to learn at each stop. Whether as a Management Trainee in Southern California, or opening a new operating group as a General Manager in Europe, the learning and growing as a leader and operator never ends.

I’ve also had the tremendous fortune to work closely with the Taylor family and see first-hand how committed they are to the success of every business and employee.

What is something people may not know about you?

Three days after I started with Enterprise I asked for a day off so I could get married. Julie and I have been married for two days short of my entire career and I cannot thank her enough for the support and courage she has shown to me and the company.