Enterprising People: CarShare Market Manager Dorothy R.

carshareField of Dreams is more than just a classic movie about the love of baseball — it’s about making dreams reality, and that inspiration has made its way to Southern New Jersey.

For the past three years, Enterprise employees in the Philadelphia Group have helped the South Jersey Field of Dreams organization write its own script, and the major plotline involves helping individuals with physical and mental disabilities play baseball.

At the field where everyone’s a winner, players of all abilities enjoy one of America’s favorite pastimes on a handicap-accessible baseball diamond. With an infield and dugouts that are wheelchair and walker-friendly, the experience is a big hit for players, volunteers and fans alike.

Finding a cause

Take it from Enterprise CarShare Market Manager Dorothy R., who first pursued volunteer opportunities with the nonprofit group more than three years ago.

“I had been looking for a place to volunteer in the community and had heard great things about South Jersey Field of Dreams,” Dorothy says. “After spending some time there I got to know a few of the board members and even encouraged them to apply for a grant through the Enterprise Holdings Foundation. They since received a grant, and are some of the most appreciative people I’ve ever met.”

“In fact, as a token of appreciation for presenting them with a check from the Enterprise Holdings Foundation, they asked me to throw out the first pitch at this year’s opening game,” she adds. “Even though I hadn’t thrown a ball in about a decade, I was relieved that I still managed to get the pitch over home plate.”

Making a difference

According to Dorothy, the best thing about volunteering at South Jersey Field of Dreams is seeing the immediate impact it has on those who take the field. “Every time I’m there I see players smiling from ear to ear, and that’s what makes it all worth it for me.”

Giving back

Not only is giving back important to Dorothy but more and more candidates want to see that Enterprise Holdings is a good corporate citizen, not just a good employer.

“We’re seeing more and more candidates ask questions during interviews about the places where employees volunteer,” says Dorothy, “and I couldn’t be more proud that the Field of Dreams now graces that list.”