Spotlight on Service: Management Trainee Audriana G.

spotlight-on-service-audriana-gabaldon-2We recently spoke to Enterprise Management Trainee Audriana G., who works at Albuquerque’s Sunport airport in New Mexico regarding her outstanding customer service. Audriana turned an everyday encounter into a memorable experience for a frequent renter—impressing the customer to the point that she wrote a letter to Chief Executive Officer Pam Nicholson, commending Audriana’s efforts.

What do you remember about the customer and her situation that day? How did you help?

The customer had driven her personal vehicle to the airport, and needed to rent a car in order to make a good impression with an important business client in Albuquerque. Trouble is, there’s very limited visitor parking at the Sunport rental facility. After explaining the situation to me, I suggested to my manager that I could have the customer take her vehicle to the airport’s long-term parking lot—and I could pick her up there and bring her back to complete the rental.

After she returned the rental later that day, I drove her back to her vehicle. It all seemed minor—like I was just doing her a favor. But she explained that it was not just the gesture that mattered, but that I had taken the time to listen and provide the excellent service that a loyal customer deserves.

Were you surprised she wrote the letter to Pam Nicholson?

I’d say “refreshed” more than surprised. I just did what I do every day, but it made a difference to her. It’s encouraging when you receive recognition from customers, managers or co-workers. It lets you know that the hard work you put in to be the best really matters. It’s impacting people.

What’s your secret to providing great customer service?

I love making personal connections. A technique I always use is to be intentional with customers. I try to make every interaction unique rather than a routine. It might be as simple as giving a restaurant recommendation, but I want to make sure there’s a reason for the customer to remember us and the great job we did for them.

Tell us about your career at Enterprise.

I’m from Albuquerque, born and raised. I started here last year as a summer intern and then worked part-time during my senior year at the University of New Mexico—at two different neighborhood branches. I had no idea how much I’d be learning about the management aspect of the business—even as an intern. It fit perfectly into the career path I was looking for, and then opened the door to full-time employment. I got hired as a Management Trainee in June and moved up quickly to the airport based on my strong overall sales and service performance.