Spotlight on Training: Branch Rental Manager Zach P.

zackWorking his way up from an intern in 2011 to managing the O’Hare Airport location, Branch Rental Manager Zach P. credits much of his success to training – both classroom and on-the-job experiences.

“Training has not only helped me advance my career, it has helped me become a better manager and leader,” says Zach. “I’m now taking what I’ve learned and applying it in my day-to-day business operations.”

Reinforcing valuable lessons

As a manager, Zach underscores the importance ofdevelopment to his team by providing them with various training and coaching opportunities to help them grow as professionals.

With four to six new employees each month at the O’Hare Airport location, he operates weekly training sessions that include Management Trainee sessions where MTs have the opportunity to provide feedback to managers.

“We ask MTs what they would do differently if they were managers, so they begin thinking like managers and preparing for future roles,” says Zach. “It’s never too early to learn about people management and how to be a successful leader.”

Making training a priority

Zach asks his MTs to schedule time for studying and training, and encourages them to take ownership of their career advancement.

“One of the great things about Enterprise’s training is that it uses a variety of learning methods to help you absorb the information including seeing, hearing and doing,” says Zach. “After my employees participate in classroom training, I help them apply their new knowledge to the job, document their results and evaluate them. Then, together with other managers, we provide feedback to help them improve – giving them time to practice their skills and also keeping them accountable.”

“We promise employees that if they excel in their current position, we will do everything we can to prepare them for their next career move,” says Talent and Development Director Viji S.

From his own career, Zach understands the important role that training plays in advancement. “It provides a great dialogue between employees and management while also building a team environment,” says Zach. “While a great deal of training and coaching happens daily in the workplace, training can also have an impact when it’s formalized in a classroom setting – both are critical when it comes to learning about the business.”

Zach’s tips for getting the most out of training:

· Take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself – both classroom and on-the-job training.

·Participate fully in order to learn; participation equals success.

·Take ownership of your training and your career.

·Share your struggles and get input from others about how to handle them. You are probably not the only one with the same struggle.

Recognition for best-in-class training

Enterprise Holdings was recently recognized and awarded by two industry publications for its training and development programs.

·2015 Training Top 125 – Enterprise was recognized by Training Magazine for a strong focus on effective training and employee development tied to corporate strategic goals.

·2015 Learning Elite – Enterprise was named a bronze Learning Elite organization by Chief Learning Officer magazine for employing exemplary workforce development strategies to deliver significant business results.