Spotlight on Service: Littleton, Colorado

Spotlight.on.Service.Colorado.Jason.Krause.Andrew.Kviz.E17386.E5018We recently caught up with Branch Manager Andrew K. to learn more about his customer service philosophy and how his team creates positive customer interactions. Andrew’s team in Littleton, CO recently offered a compassionate gesture to a customer that made a big impact.

When a customer’s son was admitted to the hospital, she needed a car fast. After learning about the situation and what the mother was going through, the team helped make her day a little bit better by having “Get Well Soon” balloons and a card waiting for her and her son when she arrived at the branch.

Q: Tell me about the situation with this customer and how you and your team reacted.

A:  We received a call from one of our regular body shops letting us know they were bringing a customer to our branch whose son had been admitted to the hospital. We didn’t know the details around the situation but we knew she needed her car back from the body shop as soon as possible. We worked with the body shop to have the repaired vehicle at the branch so that all she had to do was drop off the keys to the rental and get on her way. We also wanted to show our sympathy for the family. When the mother came into the branch to retrieve her keys, we had a ‘Get Well Soon’ balloon and card that we all signed sitting on the counter. After she realized it was for her and her son, she started crying and thanked us for our thoughtfulness.

Q: What motivates you to go above and beyond for your customers?

A: Enterprise has a great track record of hiring people who understand what it means to go above and beyond. Our group philosophy is to achieve great performance in all areas of our business, starting with customer service.

One thing we do each day is choose a “home run” customer. We do something extra special in order to make their experience outstanding and “knock it out of the park” for them.

Our Regional Vice President, Jason K., stands behind this “home run” mentality. When someone in the region hits a “home run,” we send an email out to employees in the region so everyone can read about the experience and what they did. This time around, our team’s efforts were recognized as a “Grand Slam.” Members of the team that were involved were Management Trainee Richard B., Assistant Manager David C., Assistant Manager Mary M., Management Assistant Robin S. and Management Trainee Casey S.

Q: What are some tips that you can offer to keep customers happy?

A: I think listening is the most important tip. It’s critical to take time to understand the needs or issues a customer is facing and then identify opportunities to assist them.

I also think having fun at work makes a big difference in keeping customers happy. If you are surrounded by happy, joyful people, that happiness shines through to the customers.

Q: How would you describe the team dynamic at your branch?

A: Our team is like family. I try to create a fun and open environment so that all team members feel at home. When someone is having a bad day, we try to pick them up. We also love to have fun – the other day we had an impromptu Nerf gun fight after the branch closed for the day!

Q: Give me some background on your role and career at Enterprise?

A: About a year after college, I started as a Management Trainee at a branch near the Denver airport. Within about nine months, I became an Assistant Manager at a Branch in Boulder. After that, I transferred to a branch in Aurora. Today, I am the Branch Manager at a flagship branch in Littleton.