Alamo Greeter Celebrates 88th Birthday

Alamo.Greeter.Birthday.Jeann.Christian.E200HM.hi-res.edit.2Jeann C. has been a part of the both the Alamo and National teams at the Las Vegas Airport for 23 years.

“I started as a temporary employee, passing out magazines on Bell Road for Alamo,” said Jeann. “I enjoyed it so much that when I was offered a full time position, I decided to stay.”

Not long after, Jeann was a permanent fixture in the busy Alamo lobby.  She was the go-to for directions and kept customers happy by passing out popcorn and water. Today, as a greeter, she helps make sure that lines keep moving and she also assists with a few transactions.

Jeann is described as a conversationalist, sports expert, current events guru but most of all – the life of the party.

But recently, there was something else to celebrate about Jeann.

She turned 88 years young.

To help her celebrate, her Las Vegas Airport peers sang a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday and then enjoyed cake and a few laughs together.

“She is a very important part of the Enterprise family,” said Salim A., VP of the Las Vegas Airport.  “She contributes to our culture in countless ways with her 88 years of knowledge.  She has built strong friendships and we were all thrilled to help her celebrate 88 years.”

Jeann’s work ethic inspires those around her and she always adds a personal touch when it comes to interacting with customers.

“I was an Army wife for 30 years and traveled to many countries and cities in the U.S. so I enjoy talking to customers about their hometown and travels,” said Jeann. “I always try to make it feel personal.”

Jeann’s approach to customer service hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“Customers are always asking about Jeann,” said Salim.  “They look forward to seeing her and many say they choose Alamo because of her quality service. She’s a wonderful person to have on our team.”