Meet Ms. Merry

Meet.Ms.Merry.Customer.Experience.imageWe love taking care of our customers, but sometimes our customers become regulars who take care of us too.


‘As I write this letter, I am crying tears of joy. I could not let the year end without telling you how wonderful your … staff is.’

It was those simple words in a letter of appreciation from longtime Enterprise customer Ms. Merry that unraveled a much deeper story of customer service and friendship.

Merry is the lead caregiver for her elderly mother and rents from the local Enterprise branch every week so she can do simple errands and take her mother to her doctor appointments.


“Although she’s renting from Enterprise to help care for her mom, she’s really become a mother figure to us,” said Andy S., Branch Manager where she rents. “We have a strong connection. She knows she can rely on us and we look forward to seeing her smile and hearing her words of wisdom every week.”


Merry and the branch have developed a special connection. And it was that unwavering customer service the branch provided, and the relationship the group shared with Merry that inspired a video featuring their story that Enterprise is now sharing through social media.


“This was such a special story, we knew we had to share it with others,” says Yona S., Brand Publicity Director. “Highlighting our customer service and the value it brings only reiterates the incredible impact our employees have on the people and the communities where we do business.”


To see the Ms. Merry video, visit the Enterprise Facebook page or the Enterprise YouTube channel.