Spotlight on Service: Service Agent Randy F.


We recently caught up with Randy F. to learn more about his customer service philosophy and how he creates positive customer interactions. Randy is a Service Agent at an Enterprise branch in Belvidere, IL.

Randy became a local hero by saving a customer’s life when she stopped breathing in the car he was driving. Despite the intense pressure, Randy remained calm and was able to get the customer the medical attention she needed. As a token of her appreciation, the customer helped recognize Randy during a City Council Committee meeting with the mayor of the city, which was featured in the Belvidere local news.

Q: Tell me a little bit about the situation that took place.

A: It was just like any other day. I went to pick up a couple at their house to bring them to our branch. Right away I could tell they were one of those couples that meant the world to each other.

The wife joined me in the front seat, and the husband sat in the back. I was chatting with the husband, when I noticed his wife had lost consciousness and wasn’t responding to her husband.

I knew I had to act quickly and get her medical help right away. Ahead in the distance, I noticed an ambulance pulling into a gas station, so I pulled up and explained that she had been unresponsive for about one to two minutes. The paramedics immediately got her into the ambulance and started working to revive her.

The husband was extremely distraught, and I did my best to console him.

After about five minutes, the paramedics were able to find a heartbeat. I couldn’t believe how quickly things had happened, but I was so thankful to see that ambulance and get her the medical help she needed.

Q: Tell me a little bit about the recognition you received from the City Council of Belvidere.

As it turns out, the husband is a retired police officer for the city of Belvidere. The mayor and the couple invited me and the paramedics to a City Council Committee meeting to thank us. A local news channel was there and filmed the event. The recognition was nice, but I was just so relieved that she was ok.

Q: What helped you stay calm while all of this was happening?

A: I tried my best to stay calm and not panic – I just remained focused on getting her help. I thought about what I would do if it was my own family, I would want someone to do everything in their power to help. When it was all over, it really made me appreciate my family and friends. I realized that you never know what is going to happen each day, so it’s important to make the most of every moment.

Q: What motivates you to go above and beyond for your customers?

A: In the eight years I’ve been with Enterprise, I’ve learned that we treat our customers like family. We all care. That care goes a long way to make customers feel like they are an extension of the Enterprise family.

Q: What are some tips to keeping customers happy?

A: I always like to establish a good rapport with customers. Sometimes a customer is upset with something that has happened, but listening to their situation and being empathetic can go a long way to turn a negative experience into a pleasant one.

Q: In your opinion, what sets Enterprise apart from the competition?

A: It’s really our focus on customer service that sets us apart. A lot of the people I interact with are frequent customers. They know who we are and that they can trust us when they’re in our care. It’s great to know they appreciate us just as much as we appreciate their business.

Q: What is your favorite part about your job?

A: The people. Both the people I work with and our customers. We get people in our branch from all walks of life. It’s so interesting to learn about their backgrounds. I also have a passion for detailing cars, which is a large part of my responsibilities. When you enjoy what you do, it’s easy to do it every day.

Q: What are a few words to describe your approach to customer service?

A: Honest and reliable. Our customers can trust us.

Q: Give me some background on your role and career at Enterprise.

A: I’ve been a Service Agent with the company since 2007. I’ve worked in various branches in my eight years, which I’ve really enjoyed. It’s allowed me to meet new people and customers. In fact, I’ve enjoyed working for Enterprise so much that I encouraged my son to come work for the company as a Service Agent too. It’s truly a family business, and now it’s my family’s business too.