Spotlight on Service: Assistant Sales Manager Sally P.

Spotlight.on.Service.Sally.Parnell.E401H9We recently caught up with Assistant Sales Manager Sally P. to learn more about her customer service philosophy and how she creates positive customer interactions.

Up until recently, Sally was a Branch Manager in the Tulsa region before taking on a new role for the Car Sales team. While working in rental, Sally’s kindness and focus on service inspired a customer who frequently visited her branch to write to Enterprise Holdings CEO and President Pam Nicholson about his experiences.

Q: What drew you to the company and to the Management Trainee position?

A: My father worked at a local car dealership and knew someone who worked for the Remarketing team at Enterprise. After learning more about the team and the company, I thought it sounded like a great fit for me. I was drawn to the idea that you could create your own career path, so I made the decision to join the Enterprise team.

Q: Tell me about your career at Enterprise.

A: I started my career as a Management Trainee in 2010 in Tulsa and quickly became a Management Assistant. I worked across several branches in Tulsa.

In 2011, I became Assistant Manager, and about nine months later I was promoted to Branch Manager, where my team ranked #1 several times.

While in rental, I set up several corporate accounts, and really enjoyed that side of the business. Our Corporate business partners have different needs than retail. I took the time to really understand what they wanted and how we could accommodate their needs. For example, almost all business renters are concerned about time and efficiency, so I tried to customize the process for them so their rental would go as seamlessly as possible.

Although I enjoyed my career in rental, after two years, I felt like I was ready to tackle a new challenge. I was approached by the Car Sales team about an Assistant Sales Manager position. It seemed like a great next step for me so I pursued the job and got it!

Q: Do you remember this particular customer who wrote to Pam Nicholson? What was it about your interaction that impressed him?

A:  I think he appreciated that I treated him as a friend over the years rather than a customer. When he visited our branch, beyond just greeting him and learning about his rental needs, I also asked little things, like what he did over the weekend. I took the initiative to book his next trip when he dropped his car off and tried to make sure we had a luxury car in stock if he needed it for client meetings.

Q: What motivates you to go above and beyond for your customers?

A: I go above and beyond because I enjoy it. Providing great service is an easy thing to do, and it gives me a sense of accomplishment when we earn new business and build loyalty with existing customers. As a neighborhood branch, it’s our responsibility to treat our customers not only as neighbors but as friends. I take pride in making someone’s day a little bit easier.

Q: How do you keep frustrated customers satisfied?

A: I think the most important thing is to be a good listener. Showing your genuine care and concern really helps open the door to a more positive experience for the customer and ultimately reflects well on the company.

Q: What three words describe your approach to customer service?

A: Neighborly, friendly and patient.