Enterprising People on the GO: Senior Vice President of European Operations Mike N.

What are your thoughts on our growth in Europe over the past few years?

Achieving growth starts with a great deal of hard work and a plan, especially in countries where we are starting from scratch and the Enterprise brand is unknown. At this point, each market or country is at a different level of maturity and evolution. In the U.K. for instance, we just celebrated 20 years, while in Spain and France we have owned the businesses for four years.

Many of our franchise countries joined the fold in 2015. Each one will have a different strategy for growth.


What opportunities lie ahead for Enterprise Holdings in Europe?

We have an amazing and exciting few years ahead of us. This year we are kicking off a campaign to increase Enterprise’s overall brand awareness. We have invested in several football (American soccer) sponsorships with the most popular and well-known leagues in Europe. This is primarily focused on the big leagues in each of our corporate-owned countries, but we are also sponsoring the UEFA Europa League to cover the rest of Europe. We’re excited about this because football matches are seen by millions of dedicated fans and many will see the Enterprise brand for the first time.

You began your career in Southern California. Why might someone in the company want to move their career to Europe?

There are vast opportunities in Europe. We are at the forefront of building the brand and business, and there is no place with more career opportunities. We have extensive expansion ahead for Europe. Relocation can be a bit nerve-racking, but once you get past that, the personal and professional development is second to none for the entire family. Moving to Europe is a truly life-changing experience!

Last year you celebrated 30 years with Enterprise Holdings. How would you sum up your career to date?

I have been very fortunate to work in some great operations and for some great leaders. Starting in California, then New York, London and now Europe, I have learned a lot both personally and professionally. After 30+ years, I didn’t think I would be taking on the challenge of a lifetime – and isn’t that a nice surprise? Believe it or not, 2015 was my personal best in many ways. I’ve achieved many milestones in the business. I look forward to what this fiscal year will bring for all of our employees across Europe.