Spotlight on Service: William M. “Candyman”

candymanPicking up customers is something that William M. does exceptionally well both literally and figuratively.

The Detroit airport shuttle bus driver is affectionately known as “Candyman,” not only because of his sweet charm but also because he generously hands out candy to all of his passengers – surprising them with a boost of “fun” at every interaction.

“I’ve been serving candy ever since I started with Enterprise ten years ago,” says Candyman. “I pride myself in making sure customers have a memorable shuttle ride. From the moment they board my bus, I greet them with complimentary candy and play popular music so they can hopefully leave in a better mood. Some customers even dance their way off the bus, which is a sure sign that they’ve had a good time.”

His manager for more than seven years, Tyra S., Regional Rental Manager, says that she receives a steady stream of positive feedback and comments from customers about Candyman’s stellar customer service. “In a short bus ride, he is able to create an unforgettable experience for customers of all ages. They come into the branch laughing and smiling after spending time with him and they drive off the lot even happier!”

“I’m proud to work for Enterprise,” says Candyman. “I love my job, the team and my customers!”

Candyman’s unique approach to customer service was recently featured in a short video.