Enterprise Career Path: General Manager Bridget L.

Q: Hi Bridget! How did you learn about a career with Enterprise?

A: I was an employee referral. I had just returned home after spending a year teaching in Belize when my brother-in-law said I should apply for the Management Training (MT) program. I had planned to go to law school but ultimately decided managing my own career felt like a better fit.

Q: Describe your career path with Enterprise.

A: I started as an MT in Chicago in 2000 and was eventually promoted to an Area Manager role before moving to South Florida to manage several regions. I then became the Airport Market Manager at Miami International Airport, and oversaw the integration of the National and Alamo brands following our acquisition of Vanguard. In 2011, I became the Regional Vice President of the Seattle Group and most recently worked in San Francisco as the Vice President of Rental.

Q: Sounds like you’ve done it all! Tell us about your most recent role with the company.

A: For the past year, I oversaw the Rental operations in San Francisco. Hopefully, the experience I gained there will be put to good use in the U.K. as both areas are prone to the challenges that go alongside with population growth. Running a business in San Francisco — a city booming with growth but suffering from the affordable housing crisis — taught me how to function in these types of environments.

Q: When did you know you wanted to be a GM?

A: I set my sights high very early on in my career. Once I knew I wanted to be an Area Manager, I put myself in a position to become one. I took every opportunity I could to learn and surround myself with people who could teach me. I would set aggressive goals for myself and my team, and then execute against those goals.

Q: Do you have any goals set for your new group?

A: Ultimately, like any group, we want to be the best in all areas of the business. The team already has its sights set on growing the business, so that is definitely on my list. Developing employees ranks up there on my priorities, too. The enthusiasm and excitement they have is infectious, and I can’t wait to bring new ideas to the table.

Q: What’s next for you?

A: I relocate to London next month with my husband and daughter, and I’m absolutely thrilled to have this extraordinary opportunity. I’m looking forward to learning the culture and growing the business.