Customer service, consistency, and the Contact Center

9.13.18.ContactCenterA day in the life of a Contact Center employee involves a telephone, computer and conversations with about 100 customers.

Interacting with that many personalities throughout the day takes a special skill set, and Erin M.’s Contact Center team members are masters of their trade.

Remote connections

Erin’s team receives and resolves a variety of requests: vehicle extensions, reservation modifications, receipts and more.

Like most Contact Center employees, Erin’s team works remotely. The non-traditional workspace and rare face-to-face interaction make their continued success even more impressive.

“The team is geographically diverse,” explains Jill S., Contact Center Director. “Their motivation to succeed and energy levels are driven heavily by their colleagues and manager, Erin.”

Contact Center teams set up mentor programs and virtual one-on-ones between team members to encourage team bonding. “Some of how we experience our Enterprise culture and values is through our colleagues,” explains Jill. “Intentional interactions allow us to maintain a fun and friendly place where teamwork rules, even remotely.”

Team commitment

Tight-knit and supportive, the team knows if anyone needs a boost, motivation is just a call or click away.

“Team members feel responsible for their teammates; a responsibility we all take seriously,” explains Erin. “Every person on the team works with a clear purpose and common goal: make the situation right for our employees and our customers.”

As a manager, Erin’s focus is to develop her employees and demonstrate how they can make an impact in their role all while having fun as a team. She strives to make Enterprise the best place her team members have ever worked.