What I wish I knew: Vice President Dave L.

8.14.18.DaveL.LIWith nearly three decades of experience under his belt, Dave L. knows what it takes to keep focus and succeed at Enterprise.

Beginning as a Management Trainee in New York in 1989, he worked his way up the ladder, eventually moving down south to take on roles as Regional Vice President and Vice President of the Atlanta Operating Group.

Currently Vice President/GM of the Jacksonville Operating Group, where he’s been the last four years, Dave shares the advice he would give himself as a Branch Manager.

On building a career:

As a young MT, my goal was to become an Area Manager. When I was a Branch Manager, my focus remained steadfast on reaching that level. Looking back, I wish I was more attuned to the possibility of relocating to other cities earlier in my career. Enterprise offers incredible opportunities to those who embrace the adventure of relocating and seek personal and professional growth. As you maintain focus on your current performance goals, keep a watchful eye on the long-term opportunities across the globe!

Additionally, never forget the power of mentorship. You control your own destiny in this area. Do not wait for others to find you; seek out a mentor.

On being a leader:

I was once asked in the interview process how I define success. My answer was simple: I measure my success by the development and success of the people I manage. What makes this company so special is how the model feeds on itself. Your personal performance and advancement helps to open doors and create opportunities for others. It’s a trickle-down effect that then allows others to, in turn, earn promotions.

I’ve found people will take the necessary steps to succeed when they understand how it benefits them and their team. This concept, along with the support of the Taylor family, is what makes this company one of the great American business stories. The key to success is simple: focus on our values and our people, do the right thing, and always protect our brands and reputation.