Up the ladder and across the country

8.21.18.ElizabethR.LIElizabeth R. guides her career with eight words: “I interview for my next job every day.”

With that philosophy in mind, Elizabeth navigated her path at Enterprise from her start as an Area Accountant in Indiana to her current position on the Corporate Campus in St. Louis as Director of Business Administration for Global Franchising. The key to her progress was taking on new opportunities whenever and wherever they presented themselves.

“Being open to relocation helped expand the number of opportunities available to me,” Elizabeth explains. “Even though I was a little anxious about moving, I tried to look at how moving could set me up for future success and career advancement – it really put things into perspective.”

Culture that knows no boundaries

After Elizabeth’s first move to Accounting Supervisor in the Central/Southwest Ohio operating group, her hesitation immediately subsided.

“I second-guessed making the move because I enjoyed my work and had a great team of people in my former office,” explains Elizabeth. “But what I found is, Enterprise attracts the same type of hard-working, fun people in offices all over the world. The Enterprise culture bleeds across boundaries, cities and states. It’s what makes this such a fantastic team of people and a great place to work.”

After three years with the Central/Southwest Ohio operating group, she pursued an opportunity at the St. Louis Corporate Campus as Senior Auditor. She soon followed that with a promotion to Assistant Controller in New Mexico, where she proudly helped the team win an Exceptional Achievement Award for Business Management. Elizabeth then packed her office once more and headed back to St. Louis in May 2018.

Moving ahead

In each new position she accepted, Elizabeth felt equally accepted and supported.

“Mentors have helped me build and develop my career every step of the way,” she says. “So many people throughout my career allowed me to take on new roles and responsibilities and always pushed me to be better and do more. I feel so lucky for the experiences I’ve been afforded, and I hope to pass that on to others.”

The bottom line is there is little difference in an operational or non-operational Enterprise role when it comes to career advancement and work ethic, Elizabeth says.

“We are all here to make the business stronger,” she says. “We just have different ways to contribute to that goal.”

Elizabeth is now contributing to growing the business globally as Director of Business Administration for Global Franchising.

Though the opportunity was unexpected, she had long been interested in the field.

“I was ready to sign up for the department the first day I heard about it!” she says.

Although that day didn’t come until a few years – and relocations – later, she knew she was ready for the position.

“If you bring your best self to work every day and are open to movement, anything can happen,” says Elizabeth. “With the way Enterprise grows and changes, one never knows what opportunities will be available. Embrace the possibilities.”