Singing in St. Louis

7.17.18.KCC.LIAs a Senior Data Analytics Specialist, Bennett L. spends his days crunching numbers and translating them into understandable charts. You could say he is a master of Excel spreadsheets.

But on weekends, he masters sheets of a different type: music sheets.

Since 2015 Bennett has volunteered with the Kirkwood Children’s Chorale (KCC), a nonprofit educational organization which offers vocal training to young singers in second through 12th grades.

Musical chairs

Bennett discovered KCC through a choir director acquaintance, and upon learning they were in need of board members, he jumped at the opportunity.

“I had recently moved to St. Louis from Indiana and was looking for a way to get involved with my new community,” says Bennett. “Music has always been a passion of mine, and KCC was the perfect opportunity for me to lend my expertise in an area that means so much to me.”

Bennett – a singer in his youth who continues to play the mandolin and guitar – found his work as a board member quite rewarding, and continued engaging in new opportunities until he found himself stepping into a new pair of shoes: the role of Executive Director.

Enterprise connections

Bennett was excited to help create a new vision for the future of the organization. With the help of engaged board members and staff, Bennett led KCC down the right path, resulting in the organization halving expenses and doubling membership.

Two of those helpful individuals happen to share another connection with Bennett: Enterprise Holdings.

Bill D., a Reporting and Analytics Supervisor, is the Board President for KCC. Christina B., Payroll Coordinator, is the organization’s Bookkeeper.

Hitting the right notes

Bennett, Bill and Christina have had a fulfilling experience using their professional knowledge to help the community. “We applied skills we honed at Enterprise to turn around the finances,” explains Bill. “And as a result we are gearing up for our 27th season with growing membership and an energized board.”

When Christina joined KCC, she spent many hours reconciling the books to ensure accounts were in order. “Collaboration keeps the organization running perfectly,” says Christina. “I can’t wait to see how KCC grows in the upcoming years, and I love that I will be a part of it!”

Also aiding in the success of the organization is the Enterprise Holdings Foundation.

For the past three years KCC has received grants from the Foundation to support scholarships for children to participate.

“I’m incredibly proud to say Enterprise supports me both professionally and personally through a cause I’m so passionate about,” says Bennett. “It’s amazing to see firsthand how the company supports its employees and the community.”