Helping heroes get home

7.5.18.RabiaDid you know the Enterprise brand operates on more than 50 military bases throughout the U.S.?

In celebration of Independence Day, Bryan S., Director of Federal Government Sales, shares unique insight into military base branch operations while Rabia A., Assistant Manager at the Fort Polk military base branch in Vernon Parish, Louisiana, and Hope B., Branch Rental Manager, reflect on their experience of helping heroes get home for the holiday, and throughout the year.

Serving those who serve

The majority of rental customers at Fort Polk, and other military base branches, are active duty military members and their spouses. During holidays, such as the Fourth of July, it’s common for service men and women to get a four-day break, leading to an uptick in business at base locations.

“Fourth of July brings in a lot of walk-in customers, and we are especially motivated to get them in a car and on their way,” says Hope. “They fight for us and we pay it back by going the extra mile for them.” Going above and beyond for customers can have a unique flare at base locations.

“It’s regulation for men and women in military dress to remove their hats when entering a room,” explains Bryan. “When employees noticed this, and their customers’ subsequent motion to make sure their hair was well-coiffed, we decided to put a mirror by the rental facility entrances. This small gesture has been met with much gratitude.”

Beyond the Fourth of July, base locations can have varying peaks in business thanks to base activity and military training activities.

“It requires a tremendous amount of adaptability to meet the needs of certain locations,” explains Bryan. “For example, the base in Fallon, Nevada is in the middle of the desert. When there is training activity on the base, their fleet can increase from about 30 cars to more than 250.”

Defining moments

Rabia has worked at the Fort Polk branch for just over a year. While her prior Enterprise experience was at a traditional location, she finds her time at the military base to be inspirational, motivating and immensely rewarding.

But there’s one type of experience she encounters that will always spark a passion to provide the best service possible: a soldier’s return from deployment.

Prior to leaving for an assignment, it’s typical for military men and women to sell their vehicles. For those who don’t, it is common for their cars to experience mechanical issues after being idle for several months. Either way, service members find themselves in a situation where they need transportation.

“I’m often the first person to have contact with a soldier after deployment,” explains Rabia. “I feel it’s my responsibility to take care of them, make them feel comfortable and welcome them back home. All I want to do is provide great service and help make their life easier.”

This level of dedication is not only noticed, but met with gratitude.

“A young soldier just returned from his first deployment in Iraq,” recalls Rabia. “His mom wanted to visit him, and she needed a rental. I helped her through the process and when her son came to return the rental, he explained that our help made his mom’s trip so much easier. Soldiers have a lot to adjust to when they return from deployment, and I’m glad I can play a small role to make that process a smooth one.”

Happy Fourth of July and thank you to all the Enterprise employees who have served in the military.