Fatherhood, fun and family business

6.17.18.FathersDay.InstaAndy Taylor enjoys cooking for his family on the weekends.

Barbecuing is his specialty. And when it comes to ribs, he doesn’t skimp on the sauce.

While he says the benefits of barbecue are sometimes healthy meals and fewer dishes to clean, the result of a home-cooked meal has a far greater impact: more time spent with his family.

For the Taylors, family is the foundation for success, along with having fun.

A father’s influence

The bedrock of that foundation was built by Andy’s dad, Enterprise founder Jack Taylor. Andy always looked up to Jack with an immense amount of respect. He fondly remembers his youth, tagging along with Jack to the Cadillac dealership on Saturdays.

“I saw him truly having fun with his teammates and enjoying the business,” says Andy, Executive Chairman of Enterprise Holdings. “As a result, I knew what I wanted to do before I was even 10 years old. My dad created an incredible foundation for the company, and I knew I wanted to follow in his footsteps.”

Jack lived to be 94 and throughout his long life, his work ethic and commitment to having fun made an impression upon Andy.

As colleagues, their respect for each other was immense. “At the office, I always called my dad Jack – it just made me more comfortable,” says Andy. “We always kept work very professional and even if we disagreed, we found common ground and our professional relationship stayed strong.”

“I’m grateful to have a father like I did,” says Andy. “He loved the business and was always invested in the success of every employee and family member.”

Instilling fun

Just as Jack influenced Andy’s career, Andy works alongside his daughter and Chief Operating Officer, Chrissy Taylor.

“When Chrissy joined the business as a Management Trainee in 2000, I made sure to support and counsel her, but she never reported to me,” says Andy. “Chrissy earned her spurs. I’m so proud of her perseverance to get to where she is, not to mention how she’s developed into an incredible leader and steward of the company – and our family.”

Today, both Andy and Chrissy ensure the family tradition of having fun lives on. Fun is the sense of camaraderie that helps to define Enterprise’s unique culture. It’s where employees enjoy not only their day-to-day responsibilities, but their peers with whom they work alongside. Andy believes if you have fun, you work more successfully.

“I always have my fair share of fun,” says Andy. “I understand sometimes work can be hard, but if we all realize the importance of what we do, I believe you can find satisfaction – and enjoyment – in the process.”

Father’s Day traditions

Andy’s commitment to fun extends to his home life as well, especially on Father’s Day.

Whether it’s watching the grandkids swim or having a meal together, Andy looks forward to the fun of having everyone gathered together. But even on Father’s Day, Andy says he would be remiss if he didn’t recognize another important part of the day: his wife, Barbara.

“Barbara gave me three lovely children so I always think of Barbara Taylor on Father’s Day,” says Andy. “She made my life as a dad possible.”

Andy takes great pride in his job as a dad. When it comes to his legacy as a parent, it’s quite simple: “If everyone is happy and healthy, I have done my job.”

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. We hope your day is filled with family and fun!