Mother and daughter share Enterprise bond

Alex Kendall, St. Louis, Enterprise, Mothers Day

There’s something spectacular about the bond between a mother and her daughter.

Unabashed love.

Immense pride.

Sheer joy.

These are the emotions Campus Manager Lynn M. evokes for her daughter, Molly S.

What makes their bond extra special? They share a second family together: Enterprise.

Joining the Enterprise family

Lynn joined Enterprise in 1984 as a receptionist in St. Louis. After some time in that role, she took on a new opportunity with the Operating Group’s Administrative Office before moving to the local Car Sales team where she was the company’s first female to sell cars. After that, she worked for the Operating Group’s finance department.

During this time, Lynn and her husband started a family. After taking a nine-month leave, Lynn returned to Enterprise, joining the Corporate facilities team. She’s been in her current role as Campus Manager for two St. Louis-area IT properties for 22 years.

Lynn’s illustrious Enterprise career made an impact on Molly, an Accounting Supervisor for the Accounts Receivable/Collections team with Fleet Management in St. Louis.

“As a kid, I remember attending family events at the St. Louis World Headquarters,” says Molly. “In my mind, Enterprise was an exciting place. Now that I’ve been here five years, I can say it’s exactly that and so much more – Enterprise is a family, a community of amazing people.”

Molly began her career as a Fleet Management intern in 2013 while studying at Lindenwood University. She worked through her senior year and in 2014 was hired on full time as an Accounting Coordinator, before being promoted to an Accounts Receivable Supervisor. Earlier this May, Molly was promoted to Accounting Supervisor for the Accounts Receivable/Collections team.

Lynn is elated Molly paved her own path within the company and couldn’t agree more with her perspective of the culture. In fact, many employees call Lynn “mom” because she exudes all the qualities of a caring parent.

“Enterprise is family to me,” explains Lynn. “I’m a mom to Molly and my son Mark, but I’m a work mom as well because I care for my peers and coworkers as if they are my own kids. Mom is a title I take a lot of pride in, both at home and at the office.”

A mother’s joy

While Lynn and Molly have embraced their Enterprise work family, there’s no denying Molly is her favorite Enterprise kid.

5.13.18.MothersDayPast.Insta“It is so amazing to sit back and watch someone who means so much to me do so well in a company that I simply adore,” says Lynn. “I’m blessed that we are extremely close and have a phenomenal mother-daughter relationship, but Enterprise has brought us even closer together.”

Molly frequently turns to her mom for professional advice. After 34 years with Enterprise, Lynn has sage words of wisdom to share with her daughter.

“When I run into challenges I know I can turn to my mom because she has been around the Enterprise block and understands the company so well,” says Molly. “Mom’s advice is always spot on – she makes me look good.”

Advice isn’t the only thing Lynn has given to Molly – she’s a source of inspiration, too.

“I look up to my mom and because of her, I know what my future can look like if I work just as hard as she does,” says Molly. “I love this company, and I plan on sticking around just as long as mom.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all the hard-working moms out there!