Leaving a legacy (and a tie) in Brooklyn

2493 TiesAn Enterprise branch takes employee promotions to new heights.

One of the highest honors in sports happens when an athlete’s jersey number is retired. Their legacy is firmly enshrined as a part of the organization’s history, and their presence is remembered by all those who look up to the rafters.

For Javier L., former Branch Manager of the New York group’s flagship branch in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, that familiar ceremony served as a source of inspiration to recognize employees.

Three years ago a new tradition was born at the Brooklyn branch. When an employee was promoted from the branch, Javier would “retire” their tie (for the gentlemen) or scarf (for the ladies).

“The team work, work ethic and leadership aspects of our business are very similar to sports,” says Javier. “Only the best of the best athletes get the honor of hanging their jerseys. Leaving our ties and scarves behind also leaves behind a story and serves as a physical symbol of the branch’s rich history of promoting talented employees.”

It also builds morale for new employees starting at the branch. “They find it fun and look forward to the day they can hang up their own tie or scarf,” he says.

Javier added his own tie to the promotion rack in November 2015 when he was promoted to Area Rental Manager (the blue tie is his). He now oversees his old branch, as well as the rest of Brooklyn and Manhattan in New York City.

But the tradition lives on under the leadership of Branch Manager Jacob W. And the promotions keeping coming, too. Two more ties and the first scarf went up to the rafters in December 2017 as employees were promoted to Assistant Branch Managers.

According to Jacob, there is no official ceremony. Those present at the branch on an employee’s last day simply gather around as the employee ascends the stairwell to hang their retired accessory. It may be the lucky tie worn during the interview for the new position, or it could simply be what is worn on the last day.

Regardless, their legacy as a top-performing employee lives on for all those who walk underneath the infamous promotion rack.

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