Contagious Energy: MT Program Launches in Spain

Laura Truchado PicPleasant surprises. Exceptional training and support. Laura T.  has come to appreciate both these aspects of her everyday work environment as an Assistant Manager at the Enterprise home city branch in Móstoles, Spain.

Perhaps most surprising is the fact that she’s embraced a career in the car rental industry, after completing a degree in occupational therapy at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid. During her undergrad days, Laura worked part time for Enterprise at the airport. And somewhere along the way, she says, “Enterprise’s energy caught me!”

As graduation day approached in May 2017, her Group Manager asked an unexpected question: “Laura, what do you want to do in the future?” Laura realized she’d come to an important crossroads. Choosing a career at Enterprise was “real life – not a dream” like pursuing a potential position in the healthcare field. Not only that, but “they trusted me” to succeed at the company.

After signing on to become a full-time employee, the next door opened. Laura’s Area Manager encouraged her to take part in a new opportunity – participating in the country’s recently launched Management Trainee program.

“While not new at Enterprise, this is something new for Spain,” says Group HR Manager Eduardo R. “There are training programs at other companies, but the idea of [a company] promoting from within is totally new. In fact, there are few career advancement opportunities in the country.”

A team effort

Led by Spain’s Talent Development Manager, Carlos F. and Talent Acquisition Manager Maribel O., colleagues from across the world – Deb. S and Kayla G. from the Philadelphia group, Simon C. from the UK group, and the Corporate EU HR staff – collaborated to customize MT support materials for the local market.

Not only did the program provide personal growth for Laura, co-workers benefited from her training, too. “I felt more secure when making decisions, and they relied on me when they weren’t sure how to handle difficult situations. I felt useful,” she said.

All that translates to an improved customer experience, Eduardo notes.

“Engaged employees take care of customers, and happy customers keep coming back and tell others about us,” he says. “It’s free marketing.”

Building a foundation

Following a five-participant pilot launch in late 2015, more than 100 employees have completed the MT program in Spain – including Laura, last September.

The success Spain’s MT program is a critical cog in the company’s strategy for growth, according to Eduardo.

“By building our bench strength, we are investing in our future,” he says. “Today’s MTs will be our Branch Managers, Area Managers and even our GMs – whether here in Spain or elsewhere with Enterprise.”

You can count Laura among those who truly get excited at the prospect of that career path.

“The idea of building a global presence is fantastic for Spanish employees,” she says. “By looking for ways to grow in other countries, Enterprise gives us opportunity. The company’s success becomes your own success – and I want to help move that project forward!”