Love and Lost Luggage

Alamo Proposal PicTravel can be stressful.

Lost luggage can send a person into panic-mode.

A pending marriage proposal can be downright unnerving.

Combine all three? That will get your heart pounding.

It’s a good thing the Alamo* team at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport knows how to handle stressful situations and stay calm, cool and collected while providing great customer service. And thanks to them, this story has a happy ending.

The lost luggage

Brandon S., Station Manager for Alamo and National, and Alyssa H., Branch Rental Manager, were on the Alamo lot at the Atlanta airport when a customer alerted them to a terrible mistake: his luggage was accidentally taken by another customer.

“The two customers had very similar luggage, and they were standing next to each other waiting for their rental cars to pull up,” explains Brandon. “When we realized a mistake was made, we quickly let the customer know we would do everything in our power to get his luggage back.”

It took Brandon and the airport team about two hours to get a hold of the other customer and get the luggage returned to the airport.

When the luggage was back in its rightful owner’s hands, the customer let out a big sigh of relief. “You could tell something out of the ordinary was going on,” says Brandon. “The customer then told us he was planning to propose to his girlfriend, and the engagement ring was in his bag. At that moment, we all understood why this piece of luggage was so important.”

A surprise proposal

The customer was so overcome with happiness to have the bag back in his possession that he got down on one knee in front of the Alamo rental desk and proposed to his girlfriend.

She tearfully said, “Yes!”

“I was about five feet away from the couple when the proposal happened,” says Brandon. “I almost started crying myself – it was a great moment.”

Brandon says it was a true team effort to assist the customer. Rental Agent Karen C. and Branch Rental Manager Kenny R. also stepped up to help that day.

Hopefully the happy couple will always have a fond place in their hearts for Alamo.

Grab a tissue and click here to watch the proposal caught on camera.


*Alamo Rent-A-Car is part of a portfolio of rental brands operated by Enterprise Holdings.