Around the world with Enterprise

Anna Lees Picture_PulseOpportunity, mobility and Anna L. go well together.

Anna has parlayed her desire for success and willingness to relocate with a world of opportunities to build a successful career at Enterprise.

Today, she works in San Diego as Account Manager in Enterprise Fleet Management. It’s the latest stop in a journey that has carried her on an award-winning ride of domestic and international assignments, all in just eight years.

A passion for new opportunities

Anna’s moving experiences began in her hometown of Ruedesheim am Rhein, Germany. After high school, she headed to California on an au pair exchange. She then headed to the east coast, and graduated from the University of Maryland in December 2009. The following Monday she started her first day as a Management Trainee in Alexandria, Virginia.

“I’m a person who likes competition, doing my best and planning ahead,” Anna says. “I was drawn to Enterprise because I knew there were so many opportunities to work in many different roles and in many different locations.”

Anna’s drive to succeed led to her become a Branch Manager in Alexandria in early 2011. She managed two locations before having to move back to Germany later that year for family reasons.

Luckily, Enterprise’s global presence enabled Anna to continue her career at the Frankfurt airport branch, about an hour drive from her family’s home. She worked there as a Branch Manager for an 800-vehicle operation – at the time, Enterprise’s largest in continental Europe.

“I loved my job at Frankfurt, but to advance in my career, I felt I needed to add a marketing element,” Anna says. “A friend told me I could explore the Business Rental Sales Executive role, where I would negotiate new business contracts with companies to use our vehicles.”

That opportunity arrived when Anna and her husband, Ryan, moved back to the U.S. in 2013, and she successfully interviewed for a Business Rental Sales Executive (BRSE) position in Rockville, Maryland. “There was definitely a learning curve,” Anna says. “I had to understand the sales process, the packages we sell, and to think more long-term rather than about day-to-day operations. But these were exactly the things I wanted to know more about.”

After working as a BRSE for a little over three years, Anna then took on a new challenge in San Diego with Fleet Management, her current role. 

“Working in Fleet Management is a completely different experience because the focus is on building relationships with top-level executives and improving a company’s bottom line,” says Anna. “When I meet with that level of executive, I have to be detail-oriented and stay on point. I feel like the knowledge I’ve gained from my other roles really helped give me insight and additional perspective for my current job. I’m excited for what’s ahead.”

A path of excellence and advancement

During her career, Anna has excelled at each stop, earning two Diamond Club Awards in the branches, another Diamond Club Award as a BRSE, and Southern California Account Manager Rookie of the Year in Fleet Management. Her European branch also won a European Airport Top Sales Award during her tenure there.

Taking on new roles across different countries and regions is an experience Anna highly recommends.

“If your goal is to move up and you have identified your goals, then the experience you get from relocating is absolutely invaluable. You learn different parts of the business and how those parts work together. With Enterprise in more than 90 countries now, the opportunities are incredible. It’s been a great journey for me.”

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