Recognition fuels growth

Referrals help fuel successA couple of years out of college, Katie R. had already learned a few things about what she wanted in a career—and perhaps just as importantly, what she didn’t.

“I just wasn’t fulfilled,” she says of the entry-level corporate human resources position she landed upon finishing a post-grad management degree. After two years she decided to leave and went to work as a bar and restaurant manager in Sudbury, Ontario.

The fast-paced environment suited Katie well and allowed her to bring a different set of skills front-and-center: Energetic personality. Professionalism. A focus on customer service. Training and team-building. Still, she knew the job offered limited potential for advancement. “I didn’t see a future there with potential to take on new opportunities.” she says.

Shifting gears

And that’s a big part of why Katie, now a Management Trainee in Ottawa, was inclined to listen when Assistant Branch Manager Cassandra C., a former employee at the restaurant, invited her to consider a career at Enterprise.

It wasn’t an easy sell, mostly because Katie didn’t know much about Enterprise at the time. “I’d never even rented a car here,” she says. “But Cass’ determination in saying I would be perfect for the job eventually piqued my interest.”

Of course, it helped that Cass has already earned a couple of promotions since joining Enterprise in 2016. “That’s pretty exciting, having only been out of university for a little over a year,” Cass says. “And since I knew what the job offered and demanded, I knew Katie would have the work ethic and the motivation to succeed.”

Both Katie and Cass (who just earned a promotion to Branch Manager in Kingston, Ontario) have grown to appreciate how Enterprise invests in each employee’s career success. “They’re willing to teach you, and the company offers so many opportunities,” Cass says. “Basically, you can advance as quickly and as high as you want to go.”

Recognition fuels growth

Badges-MB (1)Apparently, the word is starting to get out. When the job search website Indeed published its inaugural list of the best places to work in Canada, Enterprise earned a spot in the Top 25. It’s a notable honor, especially since most of the companies listed are much larger employers – with tens of thousands of employees compared to the 5,200 who work for Enterprise Holdings in Canada.

Also noteworthy: The Indeed recognition was organic. “It’s not an award we applied for—the ranking was based entirely on employee feedback,” says Margi D., AVP of Human Resources. As such, it underscores the company’s emphasis on employee referrals and development in enabling continued growth.

Katie Redwood is definitely on board with referring friends to Enterprise, even just a few months into her career. “I don’t hesitate to ask people to come work here,” she says. “Especially if they have the same drive as me. If you’re willing to work hard, we will teach you the rest.”