60 Years of Driving Forward was 60 years ago on a rainy winter afternoon that Jack Taylor started a car leasing business. He invested his entire savings ($10,000 and the help of a loan), his future and his career into the new venture. In a tiny lower-level office in a St. Louis Cadillac dealership, he began with a fleet of seven cars, one employee and a commitment to provide a uniquely personal brand of customer service.

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Ugly Christmas Sweater/Holiday Jumper Day

On Tacky!
On Ruffled!
On Loud and Gaudy!
Come Sequined!
Come Glittered!
Come Fringed and Shoddy!

Wear it proudly – without shame or fear,
The festive tradition takes place Dec. 16 this year.
So no matter your Enterprise Holdings brand or business line,
Don your ugliest holiday sweater or jumper – it’s sure to be divine.


Management Training Program: Enterprise through the eyes of Astrid P.

Ever wondered what the Enterprise Management Training program looks like from the inside? Astrid P. from South Florida documented the first five months of her career as a Management Trainee to share her experiences with friends, family and co-workers. Astrid’s collection of images document typical day-in-the-life experiences of an MT, such as: training sessions, working at the airport and fun team-building events. Astrid even celebrated a birthday with her Enterprise family! Browse the photo gallery below to see what it’s really like to be an Enterprise Management Trainee:


Supporting those who serve

supporting-those-who-serve-e15548-e662n6There’s a shiny new plaque on the office wall in Gainesville, Florida – the Patriot Award. While it’s inscribed with Gregg P.’s name, he’s the first to tell you the honor should be shared.

Shared, first, with Verrice H., an Enterprise Recovery Specialist who is also a Captain in the U.S. Army Reserves.

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Day in the Life: Enterprise Intern Aye M.

10-26-16-aye-m-fb-intern“I cannot think of a better way to have spent my summer than being a part of the Enterprise Accounting department!  I have gained a lot of insight into business operations as well as accounting functions.

Even as an intern I was given opportunities to make decisions that matter.

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Chasing a dream down under

chasing-a-dream-down-under-2You could say Stefanie S. has done a little moving in her life.

A fluent speaker of five languages, Stefanie resided in six different countries by the time she was 18. So it may have taken her a little by surprise when a couple of years ago—after finishing a master’s degree in Switzerland—she discovered a career “home” at Enterprise.

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Five Questions: Senior Vice President Jane H.

10-12-16-jane-hylenIn our ongoing series of “Five Question” blogs, we recently sat down with Jane H., Senior Vice President of Southeast Operations, to chat about her thoughts on leadership, her new role, and what advice she has to share from her 30 year career at Enterprise.

You recently became Senior Vice President of Southeast Operations. What excites you about this opportunity and what are you looking forward to in your new role?

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