Employees Get Unique Car–Versations with Up-and-Coming Musical Acts

Cars picPicture this.

You’re sitting behind the wheel belting out the lyrics to a song by your favorite band, pretending to sing to a crowd of thousands…Or maybe you’re just singing along in the crowd.

Now imagine you get the chance to hear the band live inside a car. Alone. Listening to an acoustic version no one has heard.

That’s what two lucky Enterprise employees got to experience when they had the chance to pick up two up-and-coming music artists during “Live in the Vineyard,” a by-invitation-only, three-day event that marries music, top tier wine makers and world-renowned chefs in California’s Napa Valley, spotlighting both emerging musical artists and some of today’s hottest stars.

Cameron S., Area Manager in San Francisco – rode alongside Irish alternative rock band Walking on Cars as they played their song “Road Noise,” complete with some nontraditional instruments. And, Melissa B., Assistant Manager in Sacramento – got the chance to hear Drake White show off his freestyle skills in a solo jam session with an acoustic version of his song “Makin’ Me Look Good Again.

This is the second year the brand sponsored the event and created online videos that will live on and the brand’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

To see the all the videos, click here.

To read more about Drake and his partnership with Enterprise, check out this story in the Nashville Gab.