Spotlight on Service: Senior Customer Assistance Representative Mary C.

Spotlight.on.service.Mary.Chapai.E674K0Spotlight on Service is a recurring feature in which employees share how they create positive customer interactions. In this segment, we spoke to Senior Customer Assistance Representative Mary C. who works at the Enterprise customer service desk at Peoria International Airport.

Mary’s customer service expertise resulted in a glowing customer letter to Chief Executive Officer Pam Nicholson.

Q: Tell me about the customer and her situation.

It was a busy Thursday at the airport and a flight just landed. This was the first time in several years that we had so many customers come in on that particular flight. There were several customers in line, and I was the only person working at the desk. In situations like this, I try not to rush or get flustered by the number of people in front of me. Instead, I treat each customer with respect and assist them as efficiently as possible.

Q: What are your reactions to the customer compliments you receive?

It’s a pleasure to have a customer take the time to acknowledge what my colleagues and I strive for every day – to provide the best customer service possible. The customer said she could have complained about the wait, but because I remained calm, in control and confident while serving her, the wait didn’t matter.

I feel very fortunate that other customers have commended my service as well. This type of recognition continues to fuel my passion for exemplary customer service. 

Q: What is your approach to customer service?

At a young age, I was taught to always treat other people how I want to be treated. This lesson is something I keep in mind every day at Enterprise. My approach is to remain calm, confident and pleasant because I never know what a customer’s situation is or what they might be experiencing.

I also make sure each customer has a personalized experience. In the case of the customer who wrote in, I remembered her when she dropped off her car and I was sure to greet her by name – it’s this attention to detail and showing that you genuinely care about their experience that makes them appreciate the overall experience.

Q: Is there a co-worker who has helped you realize the importance of customer service?

My past manager, Scott T., was very humble. He always showed respect and put the customers’ needs first. Being under his leadership helped me stay on track and never get bogged down with emotions or frustrations. What’s most important is to offer great service.

Q: What is your background with Enterprise?

I was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois. I’ve worked for Enterprise at Peoria International Airport for five years. I started as a part-time customer service representative but eventually moved to full time and became a Senior Customer Assistance Representative. I enjoy my job and all those I serve.