Enterprising women on the go: Michaela M.

Michaela_MG_9176Michaela M. started at Enterprise in 2013 and joined Truck Rental three years later. She is currently a Truck Branch Manager in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Michaela’s mentors continue to guide her toward personal and professional achievements, keeping her on a path toward success. As part of our celebration of Women’s History Month, we asked Michaela a few questions about how she got to where she is in her career today.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

One of the most standout pieces of advice I received happened during the Diversity Leadership Program three years ago. I was at a crossroads in determining the next step in my career and wasn’t sure what option to take. I was advised, “Make sure that whatever you decide, you are always running toward something rather than basing your decision on running away from something.” This has been crucial to my success, and I constantly utilize it in making important decisions.

There can be times you might hit a rut, and the easiest route is to find a way out of the situation, regardless if it’s the right move for your career. When looking down the line, I use that advice to analyze and ensure that I have set the groundwork and achieved the goals necessary to position myself for the next opportunity I am working toward.

What has surprised you most throughout your career journey?

What has surprised me the most throughout my career with Enterprise is that a family-owned company from my home state of Missouri can have such massive global outreach without compromising its presence and vital impact in our local communities. They’ve made something that seemed impossible, possible.

As I continue to build on my leadership skills, I am surprised everyday by my abilities and the skill sets I acquired in just five short years. I realize the training and mentorship I received is applicable anywhere – in both my personal and professional endeavors. I watch our company achieve this by supporting our training with a global community of people and technology that strengthens our neighborhoods with employment, days of caring, Foundation grants and company initiatives such as Fill Your Tank and the 50 Million Tree Pledge.


High Tea and High Acclaim

PrimeMinisterBreak enough glass ceilings in the workplace, and you might just find yourself knocking on the door at 10 Downing Street. That’s precisely what happened to Raj D., Talent Acquisition Manager in the U.K. Group. Her win in a prestigious national award program earned Raj an invitation to tea with Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The trip to Number 10, which serves as both the Prime Minister’s residence and the headquarters of the U.K. government, capped a year of recognition that “just kept getting better,” Raj says.

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National Rehabilitation Association names Enterprise Holdings Large Employer of the Year

NRA 1.brightMinnesota team recognized for hiring employees with disabilities.

Becky K. received an email in September that took her completely by surprise.

Unbeknownst to them, the Minnesota operating group was nominated for state and national awards from the National Rehabilitation Association, recognizing employers for hiring disabled candidates. Becky, Talent Acquisition Manager, was astonished to discover that not only had her operating group been nominated for the two awards, but they won both of them.

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Savannah employee climbs world-rankings in shot put

savannah employee climbs world-rankings in shot putOne-point-four meters. About four and half feet. It’s all that separates Rick E. from his cherished goal: To proudly wear “USA” on his chest as a member of the national team at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

Rick is well on his way today—fresh off the national championship he won in June as a shot-putter in the F34 classification. His best throw: 8.1 meters. Good enough for the 50-year-old to top many much-younger competitors, but still a little shy of the 9.5 meter distance needed to climb into the top ten rankings worldwide—and earn his trip to Tokyo.

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Opening doors and advocating for opportunity in Dallas

Tamara White.cropped“We always say if people don’t stay with Enterprise, it’s because they don’t have the skills, resources or motivation,” says Tamara, a former Rental Area Manager turned HR Generalist in Dallas, Texas. “But it’s our job to give them those things.”

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On the fast track to success

On the fast track to successStarting out her career two years ago, Trisha C. envisioned Enterprise as a company where she could have a long, fulfilling career. After taking part in the Canadian Women in Leadership Forum, she gained a new perspective about the opportunities that lie ahead.

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Celebrating International Women’s Day…and the bold changes these Enterprising women are making.

Aysun C., HR Generalist

They say some are born to become change agents…and others have that need thrust upon them. But in every circumstance, it’s a huge help to have the right can-do culture behind you – so say four women who’ve made a difference at Enterprise and beyond.

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Enterprise Interns: hashtag experiment

8.24.16.intern projectSummer interns in the Southwest region were asked to participate in a project to show how they have grown during their time at Enterprise. Each intern was asked to think of two hashtags: one explaining why they came to Enterprise, and one about what they’ve learned so far. Then, they each provided a short explanation for their choices.

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A Champion for Diversity

Daryl ScalesFINAL_400x300The Financial Times recently published the inaugural UPstanding Leaders’ List, ranking 100 executives in the U.S. and UK who have reached senior roles in business while also championing ethnic diversity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond.

Daryl S., VP of Finance for Europe, was ranked No. 29 on the esteemed list.

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